A Unique Collaboration Experience courtesy of Kolab Systems and Collabora

Today, we released Collabora Online for Kolab. This is an online office suite that can compete with other proprietary offerings floating around, but the difference is that it is tightly integrated into Kolab Systems' other collaboration services. We are now able to offer our very own collaborative offering just like Office365 and Google Apps, but with the added value of being secure, private and open.

Both components are Open Source, Kolab being the open sourced collaboration suite that provides secure email, calendars, notes, address books, storage for files and more. Collabora Online is the office component. Built around LibreOffice, it currently offers word processor, spreadsheet and presentations software. Collabora Online on Kolab, apart from being accessible from everywhere, allows several people to edit the same documents simultaneously too.

Watch our two minute overview video.

Kolab Systems services are different also in that they offer ultra-secure, collaboration services and protect your data, not only technically, but also with the help of Swiss privacy laws. It is the collaboration suite that makes your privacy its main priority.

More news will follow over the coming weeks, but if you're a journalist, you're in luck: we have demo accounts for a reduced number of writers. Just send us an email to sales[a]kolabsystems.com and we'll set you up.